Flush Mount WiFi Jack

Flush Mount WiFi Jack

New World Telecom is now introducing Flush Mount WiFi Jack, perfect for installation in an Office Environment, Hotel, Schools & Homes. The unit is designed to fit existing Data Voice Outlet, it has both hard wire Ethernet jack RJ45 as well as WiFi connection and provide RJ11 pass-through for telephone. There is a built in remote management feature to simplify the deployment and maintenance of the Access Point. The browser interface permits users to monitor node condition, link quality, traffic flow, and event log. The web based management interface also allows Network administrators to easily configure, update and monitor every NW-IW100GX-N station. SNMP private MIBs are available for advanced users preferring to manage through their own network manager. Power is supplied to the unit via Cat.5E or Cat.6 cable using POE (Power over Ethernet) Switch or POE injector. It is supported by four operational modes:


  1. Pure AP with WDS mode

  2. Pure WDS mode

  3. Client bridge + Universal repeater

  4. WISP repeater + AP mode