Quick Connect Tool for Keystone Jack

Part Number: NWCT-QC
Availability: Inquire

Quick Connect Tool from New World Telecom is designed to terminate and cut all 4 pairs at once on Quick Connect Keystone jacks.

The Quick Connect Tool terminates and cuts wires instantly saving 70 percent of installation time.

Lightweight aluminum body is easy to handle and carry in a toolbox. 


  • Terminates and cuts all 3 or 4 pairs of UTP at once. UTP Cat.3, Cat.5E, Cat. 6 & Cat.6A.

  • Works only with NWT Quick Connect 90 deg. Keystone Jacks.

  • Part Numbers.: NW-108K6AQC-XX, NW-108K6QC-XX, NW-108K5EQC-XX, NW-106K3QC-XX

  • Lightweight aluminum body design.

  • Ergonomic grip and easy to use.

  • Rugged construction.

  • Extra (termination & cutting) module included.