About Us


New World Telecom Inc. (NWT) was established in 1991 to design, manufacture and distribute telecommunications products. Today, we are one of the leading companies in Canada setting the standard for quality, innovation, performance and reliability in providing solutions for the data communications market. Through innovation and market research, NWT is determined to remain at the forefront of this growing field. With this expertise NWT is now innovating for key markets such as network-based multimedia solution.

Vision - Quality and Value

New World Telecom (NWT) continues to respond to the evolving EIA /TIA and ISO/IEC standards. We continue to design the latest connectivity products that meet and exceed reliability and value goals demanded by all of our clients. With commitment to the ISO 9002 standards in our manufacturing process, consistent quality is delivered in all of our products and services. With our years of experience and extensive technical knowledge we are committed to improving existing products as well as designing new products. This allows NWT to meet the ever-growing need for speed and reliability in communications.

Customer Service Excellence

New World Telecom (NWT) is distinguished from others for its knowledgeable customer service staff. We at NWT provide detailed technical training to all our customer service representatives. NWT staff can assist you in buying any range of products from a few components to large custom installations. NWT staff will also help you with both pre-sales and post-sales questions, even the representative at the distribution counter can answer any of your questions. The same team will help you with any product trouble shooting or getting defective items replaced as soon as possible. Hence, a dedicated customer service agent typically handles all the transactions. This helps customers know that they will get results in the shortest period of time.


New World Telecom stocks a large volume of inventory at its headquarters in Toronto. For inventory on hand, NWT is able to provide same day shipping throughout North America. By partnering with major distributors worldwide, New World Telecom is also able to provide quick and efficient fulfillment of all orders originating out of Asia, Africa, Europe and South America (all shipments are dependent on the usual customs and shipping capabilities of their region).

Standards Approved

All NWT products are manufactured to be compliant with ISO 9002 standards. This ensures that all of the products comply with EIA / TIA and ISO/ IEC latest standards and are UL/ CUL or CSA approved. NWT always meets and often exceeds the industry standards to keep customers satisfied.

Product Warranty

New World Telecom stands behind every one of its products by offering a Lifetime Limited Warranty. New World Telecom will replace or repair defective parts directly or through its distribution partners, depending on how the products were sold. Contact New World Telecom or your local reseller to obtain complete warranty details.


New World Telecom promotes all of its products under its own name with NWT branding. This commitment allows our client companies in identifying NWT as a leader in quality and technological innovation. NWT customers can carry these product lines with the knowledge that the NWT logo is not only known worldwide but carries the guaranty of satisfaction and reliability.