CATV Baluns

The CATV Balun allows traditional 75-ohm coaxial cable to be replaced by one pair UTP in the CATV, VHF and FM video signal environments. Used in pairs, the CATV Balun allows broadband CATV equipment to be integrated into structured cabling systems for schools, government, offices, hospitals, financial institutions, hotels and residential complexes.
The CATV Balun works in conjuction with RF splitters, active local channel antennas, combiners, amplifiers and cable modems for a total RF cabling solution. Available in several configurations including Standard type, Tool-less IDC and Modular Keystone style to mount on Work Area Outlets.

Bandwidth: 5MHz~550MHz.
Insert Loss: 3dB at CATV channels 2~6
Return Loss: 18dB at 10MHz~550MHz.
Common Mode Rejections: 20dB at 40MHz~500MHz.
Max. Distance: 100m via Cat.5e UTP cable

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